a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



STPM 来临了~

STPM 考试就要到了。换句话来说死期来了吧。今天我决定了
每一章部落格都充满了她对他男朋友的爱, 每一个举动都与男朋友有关。


Jason,I know I hurt you deeply,I happy to see that you can recover
within a short period,and you even stand up now,being with a girl that
love you so much.. I am sorry that I don't want to talk to you again.
Because is time for me to forget all the past since you can stand up,so am I.
Thanxx for everything you gaving me before,I just hope You will continue happily and
together with you gf...sweet sweet always..^^!!

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1/2 sen + 1/2 huei-lynn = 1 sen huei-lynn

Back to my old school---

Today I was absent from school again.Around 10am,I woke up and drove
back to my old school (AMC) to settle some cocoriculum problems.
When I stepped inside my old school,at first,I felt everything was just
like back to the past.Suddenly I recall all the memory,how we "
ponteng out from the school,gotong royong,swimming,marching,St.John
tranning"...everything just like just happened..I miss them.

But eventually when I went inside the staff room (PN.Pamela)

Me:"good morning teacher,sorry to trouble you that our school had informed
us that they still not received the coco marks,so We hope the school will
resend a copy to my current school.

Pamela:" We had sent already,we have no time to entertained you all,you all must
wait till we are free just check....

My old school,my ex teacher...just because we had left the school and we did not gave contribution in term of financial towards the school,then they can throw a word to us

I think in this blog,I din't mentioned about MR.PHANG this person before..he is an ex micheallian,ex perfect..when in school,we don't know each other existence,until this year FEBRUARY we started to chat(that time he had left school),teasing each other...day by day passed...we knew each other well...that time I remember I gonna break with my ex bf...(I don;'t know the decision I made was wrong or right?or even I am thinking should I break with him?)

Indirectly,Mr.Phang had let me make a decision..Breakup.After break up with my ex,I and Mr.Phang getting more and more close..we use to go play water or look at the view. One day,Mr.Phang express his feeling to me..we are happy with it.But we not planned to together at all or even we dare not to think at all.

Time passed quickly.....suddenly..in facebook he posted out....

"I gonna go to singapore study!.....

I knew this gonna happened soon,and we became less and lesser contact since that day onwards,the day before he left,he said:

" I gonna leave tomorow,and thanks alot for bringing alot of happiness to me and I will not forget you.

Erm..I wished him all the best.We had a good moment before, but I really need thanks him that...not because of him I will not decided to break up...

*****I hope this secret will be kept for a thouasand million years.******THanx


SMI 6 form night


Last night,31/10/2008.My school Smi had been held a graduate dinner for those upper six student,that's sure included me,but I not really get excited about that.Maybe not because about the enviroment,is because I am not really having that kind of mood went there scream,shout or cheer for the concert.When I arrived SMI school,was around 5.30pm.The rain was heavily.I am thinking that I am not going to stuck inside for the next an hour..finally I get an umbrella and get down from the car.

Something was quite suprsingly me was one of my friend was holding an umbrella behind the school gate.By that moment,honestly speaking that I got abit felt touching on what he had done for me...That' was the things guys will not understand.Something when guys felt was not such a big deal,but for a girl it means alot...if you are a guy reading this,I am sure you felt weird and wondering actually what are the girl thinking.

After enter the school hall,I saw all the ladies and gentlemen were dressing quite gorgeous,but some of them quite ......hmm...no comment.Overall still normal.Around 7pm,I had leave the school..hoo..hoo..finally I can escape from the hell.

Around 8.30pm.I reached home.suddenly got a message from my best buddy."Ho chie yit".I know he got something goes wrong again.I tried to asked for the answer,but He not willing to tell,and just requested me to accompany him for one night. Actually from what he asking me,I know he was sad cause of the girl he love had been rejected him..By the way,he had consoule me too.I had told him that what I felt towards the guy that wait behind the school,although I not agree with him answer.But he knew my final answer .......thanks to him.

By the end of the message.I had told him a word,that I had really gone through.

"Something if its belongs to urs,by the end it will also belongs to you,but if not how you work hard,your dream will not come truth.

I told him..last time I use to be a girl who really super jeolus ,will be unhappy saw my bf chatting with girls, and cause of that we quarrel.But finally we still break up. That's what I had learned.