a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


After sturggling for my exam for the whole week,finally today I gave myself a break.Althought that whole week,I really tired..almost every night slept by 5am.but I told myself "IT IS WORTH IT" Everybody inside their heart,got sumthing they might felt pricelss,they can sacrifice everything along the road to "SUCESS"..For me now,studies are priceless.But for the past few years,I had wasted alot of time on those "puppy love"..but I not regret cause I knew at least what I want now

I want intorduce a movie,which actually gave me alot of inspiration and wake me up....<<向世界出發On the Road>>....one of the chapter is"成與敗" "廖偉雄‧毛里求斯"

荒島變成非洲天堂 這樣算不算是成功?











Happy mother's Day!

(This is my mummy and me)^^
her little princess..we having our
lunch in black cannon(jusco)

Today was 18/5/2009 Mother's day.I quite happy for my mum,and I told myself I must let my mum felt happy and proud for her own daughter.Today early in the morning,I went to the super kinta market,at first I decided to baught some sunflower from there..
Those sunflower seem really nice,and myself love it so much.

I went to one of the shop,I asked for the price for two sunflower plus wrapping..

.do you know it cost how much he told me??!

I just cant believed my own ear by that moment,,,,
:"miss,it only cost rm60..do you want anything more?I
will help you to wrap it now.."

Wow....i just cant believe.I just bought myself for 10 bulks...
I kept quite and said:"let me think first..dont wrap frist!..

hooo.Without wait for a minute,I already ran from there..
This kind of peoples are them thaught us as customer was their food or prey...they can suck our blood during this big day!....

I start to think,alot of peoples bought for those flowers which cost for
rm100..I not mean their stupid or being fool by the flower shop dealer.but ask yourself isnt't worth it to buy such things for 100 bulks?

Maybe the receipent might be happy by that moment when they receieve...but after that what will they do towards that bunch of flowers??
The best idea will be put it aside..

You spend for rm100 just make a person happy for a minute or felt romantic...
dont you felt it not worth it??

In this world,alot of poor countries.which need our help..they even struggling for food,water,home,or even clothes...but for us?!!

When we are staying in comfortable zone..we will not realize others who are suffering in other places.We even spent 100 bulks for just a flowers...but do you ever think that rm100 for people who are poor,what can they do?They atleast buy a packet of rice which can make it to last for a month...

So...I not mean I not that kind not romantic person,I am just realistic.Who will felt unhappy when received a bunch a flowers,but when you think ,the rm100 you use it in other ways like helping others,which gaving you the same feeling also...at the same time you will felt you are doing something you felt being satisfied...!!

Helping others,will gave you happiness and satisfied.Even a word"thanks "

..it actually means more than that..so please dont being fool by those romance,

use your money wisely which can also brings you happiness,.....



what a exhausted days...

(This is Ah Qiang and me)
Today really exhausted.I had been busy for the whole day,drive here,drive there being with my classmate Ah Qiang.
Firstly we together went to the super kinta Pasar..OMG..that traffic really damn jam!I am going to explode with that traffic,I just nonestop cut the line..

hmm,although I knew As a responsible driver,I should not be act like that..my classmate also just stunned at that moment,although he quite solute with my driving "cut quee"skill,but he said I am not patient enough...
He quite truth..today I with my classmate
(Ah Qiang
)discuss alot of my feeling things.I told what I felt towards somebody
and when we arrived in parkson,we met somebody car..
AH qiang can understand my feeling..haha..
.I really felt happy although we not knew each other very long,but he can
understand me well.

One thing he had told me...
he say:"a guy who just want always hanging with you,but just want
remaining as friend relationship,is because that person dont want have any burden"

At that moment,I just stunned.I knew what he said quite truth.i CANT denied!
By the way,I accompany him bought some present for his girlfriend,help him choose wrapping paper and moreover help him sent to his girlfriend..

hooo...by the end.Ah qiang called me up and said thanks...
although I am tired.But I am quite happy,at least got a friend knew to appreciate..


Form 6's life

Many peoples were afraid to enter form six,the main reason is because the syllbus was too diffcult.I quite agreed with it,but at this moment I can,t surrender.Since I had chosen the road,I need to hold the responsible.Last week,I went back to my account tution teacher centre.I told about my feeling towards studies,life's and family.From her eyes,I saw sympathy,uncomfortable..but she gave me a conclusion.

"You are actually ran away from what you afraid of,
time will not wait for you,
you should stand up now and face it"..

I just stunt at that moment,I kept on thinking what she had told me..I knew is time to let me face it.I admit,I do ran away from all sort of problems since a long times ago.Until today,I do not felt regret that I had found my tution teacher,although talk alot of bad words infront me..but she are the only one gaving me inspiration..she wake me up!

Since two months ago,I break with my ex..at that moment,I felt like myself beyond my control..I just cried.Finally I can settle by myself now...Atleast I am not as childish as last time.I admit he do love me alot,he done alot of things for me,he sacrifice alot...but I knew it.I can't with this guy together walk for the rest of my life'S.

So..I just decided be single.Atleast I am free of stress and worries.As long now I am always go hanging around,got lots of freedom,I can do what I want...this what I want..although sometime I might felt lonely...but I think I am happy with it..^.^