a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


21 years old!

21 Years old
After Entering MMU for 6 months,finally came to 2011.I am now 21 years old.
Age getting up year by year,but in term of mentally I din't ever growing up.Or maybe I too independent on somebody.That's my biggest weakness.When I trust somebody,I will 100 Percent rely on that person.Is that a good sign or?Anybody can tell me the answer?

I still remember,when I first enter this UNi,everything seem new to me.Even human.!I know alot of people came from different state and country.For the past 6 months,I use to be with a group of friends.But honestly,i din't talked much at all,maybe is because due to different character or attitude.There was no correct for this question because since when we born out,we can't demand everybody like us.

I din't ever regret,That I choose to leave from this group,since that is something unhappy thing for me.Eventually,I felt a sense of relieved.~!

Reaching 21 years old,I not younger like last time.I knew it.
I not a teenager anymore.I am a adult,a person who need to bear with a lot of burden and responsibilities.I always like to stay inside my own world.I love bears,I thaught this world just like a disneyland.Everything it seem like so beautiful.Or maybe is myself,don't want to accept the truth.

Last week I went to a big company.KPMG.Malaysia 3rd biggest accounting firm.I saw alot of department and employees there.Everybody seem like a proffesional.Am I part of them??
I don't know the answer.How I hope I still a small kid.let others to take of me.

I too rely on my own boyfriend.Maybe we had seperate in a far distance.Everything just can rely on verbal communication.Nothing we can do,except trusting each others.
Nevertherless,We arguing again.Actually, in the first place,I not mean to argue at all.
my purpose is just to discuss.But we fail to do so.Everytime,when I said something,he sure will said I am arguing with him and straight away he off his phone.I use to it with this kind of situation.I had upset and cried for awhile,when I think about I am an adult.I should not be so
emotional cause of a person,there is still alot of things waitng for me.

Conclusion,I realiezed that finding a person to take care of us in term
of physically and mentally was such a difficult stuff.Everything just depend on god.
I just hope I able to find a person who take care me before the judgement days!
haha....No no!That's a wrong concept.In the 21st century,I should think,I able to take care of ownself not depend on others!!!
This what I learned from my housemate.....

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