a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late




At this moment.I having feeling uncomfortable,want to run away.I scared.When I touched on my own breast.I taught back the moment that guy touched me.Everything was so yak..
I till now can't even forget.Hopping can forget.I very scared.
Alone typing in front the computer.I holding my tears cause my mum beside me.
I can't be like that in front her.I can't let my family knew.But the feeling inside my heart was complicated.Everything seem like I had forgotten.But when sometime I view on the health pages about breast .I will automatically recall back everything.I doesn't hate him just I want to avoid from him.

First time,I having this kind of feeling.As same like let people sex abuse.Even the words he talked to me.Is always the same :"can i touched you? "..I didn't ever replied that guy anymore.He called me up or even sms me.I didn't thought this guy as my friend again.
But the feeling inside my heart.Scared...complicated....when I alone at night I recall back the incident.I hide inside the bed.How I hope that I now in my home.Not because there got my family.Is because I can hug my bear tightly while crying.I always use to thought the world are just like a disneyland.Everybody are not evil as others thought.
I am wrong.Nobody will understand my feeling at this moment.Feeling everything beyond my control (feeling),feeling like I am alone to face it.

***I just want to be a child.A child who will not growing up forever.Everyday being protect by others..

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