a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



Since a long time ago, I din't update my blog.Today suddenly think that some words ,some idea,some expression may not be release in the reality world,only through virtual world can make myself release what my mind thinking.
After entering university , life seem to be so busy .None of the day , I am free, I act as a good girlfriend ,as a good daughter ,as a good students , as a good employee..At the end , all screw up~
None of the role , I able to done perfectly.
Today , I was down , I thinking just want to my phone line and just let between me and my boyfriend relationship lead to a full stop. But I can't do it, not because I not dare .All about just because I still can't let go this relationship.
Along the journey head on DIGI center , suddenly a music pop out from my radio , "{我依然爱你)" by Lee Hom.


After I listen this, no matter how my boyfriend scream me in the phone ,no matter how my boyfriend don't understand me and just scold me why I make him screw up~...Because I love him , I thaught as nothing happened. Use a new way to communicate with him, but at behind,I cried loudly,how I hope he will understand me but the realistic told me the answer is NO.~

Today with my best friend (DAN) hang out ,maybe I don;t want hide myself in house get upset again.Thanks to him , I really happy while having racing car with him , thanks to him he tried to make me happy,thanks to him just use 20min from GOPENG come to Ipoh , I had late for 1hour but he din't even mad of me.~Is my pleasure to have such friend....

Thanks alot DAN , I maybe not dare to tell you what I sad about , but thanks,you forever will not ask me why I unhappy ,you just b my side and cheer me up.Really thanks today.~cause of me You take sick leave,even you are sick you still be with me and eat with me beef steak~I don;t know what I can gave back to you DAN, I only can said "THANKS "...



Buisness plan presentation!

So so nervous that moment, when I present!My hand nonestop shaking,
but I still managed to finish all.God bless me.
My friend told me when I wear formal,I seem to be slim.But there is no
doubt about this statement,because I din't ever havinG proper food(full of vitamin)
in my lunch or dinner.Everyday just vegetables...

Luckily,I pass it..Thanks to all my group members.For giving cooperation .







Just arrived Malacca,I declared I fall sick again.Freezing,sore throat sign,sneezing.!
Chinese New Year gone coming soon,why is me again?Haixx....=(

1.11am.I had slept for 6 hr on the bed,I felt like having whole body ache plus freezing.

**Don't wana think too much.Switch off my brain please at this moment.




At this moment.I having feeling uncomfortable,want to run away.I scared.When I touched on my own breast.I taught back the moment that guy touched me.Everything was so yak..
I till now can't even forget.Hopping can forget.I very scared.
Alone typing in front the computer.I holding my tears cause my mum beside me.
I can't be like that in front her.I can't let my family knew.But the feeling inside my heart was complicated.Everything seem like I had forgotten.But when sometime I view on the health pages about breast .I will automatically recall back everything.I doesn't hate him just I want to avoid from him.

First time,I having this kind of feeling.As same like let people sex abuse.Even the words he talked to me.Is always the same :"can i touched you? "..I didn't ever replied that guy anymore.He called me up or even sms me.I didn't thought this guy as my friend again.
But the feeling inside my heart.Scared...complicated....when I alone at night I recall back the incident.I hide inside the bed.How I hope that I now in my home.Not because there got my family.Is because I can hug my bear tightly while crying.I always use to thought the world are just like a disneyland.Everybody are not evil as others thought.
I am wrong.Nobody will understand my feeling at this moment.Feeling everything beyond my control (feeling),feeling like I am alone to face it.

***I just want to be a child.A child who will not growing up forever.Everyday being protect by others..