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SMI 6 form night


Last night,31/10/2008.My school Smi had been held a graduate dinner for those upper six student,that's sure included me,but I not really get excited about that.Maybe not because about the enviroment,is because I am not really having that kind of mood went there scream,shout or cheer for the concert.When I arrived SMI school,was around 5.30pm.The rain was heavily.I am thinking that I am not going to stuck inside for the next an hour..finally I get an umbrella and get down from the car.

Something was quite suprsingly me was one of my friend was holding an umbrella behind the school gate.By that moment,honestly speaking that I got abit felt touching on what he had done for me...That' was the things guys will not understand.Something when guys felt was not such a big deal,but for a girl it means alot...if you are a guy reading this,I am sure you felt weird and wondering actually what are the girl thinking.

After enter the school hall,I saw all the ladies and gentlemen were dressing quite gorgeous,but some of them quite ......hmm...no comment.Overall still normal.Around 7pm,I had leave the school..hoo..hoo..finally I can escape from the hell.

Around 8.30pm.I reached home.suddenly got a message from my best buddy."Ho chie yit".I know he got something goes wrong again.I tried to asked for the answer,but He not willing to tell,and just requested me to accompany him for one night. Actually from what he asking me,I know he was sad cause of the girl he love had been rejected him..By the way,he had consoule me too.I had told him that what I felt towards the guy that wait behind the school,although I not agree with him answer.But he knew my final answer .......thanks to him.

By the end of the message.I had told him a word,that I had really gone through.

"Something if its belongs to urs,by the end it will also belongs to you,but if not how you work hard,your dream will not come truth.

I told him..last time I use to be a girl who really super jeolus ,will be unhappy saw my bf chatting with girls, and cause of that we quarrel.But finally we still break up. That's what I had learned.

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