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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



Blogging Time

After wait for few days,finally I able back to my this little world.First of all,
when I open my facebook,I saw something I was unexpected.That's was a massage came from my ex .He wrote asked me to take care myself.At that moment,I felt this person,
at last he had changed his behaviour.I happy for him and his girlfriend,at least they able to be happy.When reflash back all his photo about his family wedding,his gf did attended too.It maked me think that I really a failure. I don't knew to communicate with elders,I just choose to keep quiet.I knew my ex mother dislike me,the main point was because I din't find any topic to chat with her.And because of I din't answer her

(Excuese me!I really dint't heard she did call me or asking me things!)

I helped him to visit his grandma in the old folks home.I still remember
I chat with the old lady.Listen to her telling story about her young time.That
moment,I felt really sorry for the old lady,because if
is my grandma,I felt guilty to put her there,and I do felt....

(If a house got an old people,it can brings alot of meaning,I hope my future..My house,
I able to live with my grandma,although she really like to
scolding people with ridiculos reason.But sometime she really
take care of us.Because of her,Sometime we have able to enjoy
some "Nyonya food" .

That moment,My ex help her grandma wearing a slipper,while I
chat with her,smile with her.This what I can do that moment.That's
the last chance I saw that old lady.I wished she is fine now.

****The moment,I stayed inside the old folks home,I felt pity towards the
old people and if can I really want to help them.Atleast,let them knew,
they are being abondon.

****My wish for my this year birthday,I hope this world have no more old folks home
,all the kids will take up the responsible to take care their parents.

*****I wished my ex and his gf happy and,I felt really happy at least he had changed.

****And!I want myself and my partner happy too

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