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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



Clinique day's

Today in campus area,clinique company had opened a stand beside PLAZA SISWAZAH.
All the staff and student went to the stall and have a look on the facial product.
Today while having Managerial accounting tuturiol class,before the class end.I had ran to library to find my housemate"Tan Polly" ,together with her to attend the CLINIQUE workshop.
But unexpected was,the PA system have not fixed,so the workshop gona start by
I just grab a packet of sample which included"Cleansing,toner and mouisture".
At the same time,I bought a travel kit pack which is package.Inside having those
whitening product,which cost me RM40...once again,I declared I am bankrup now!

After class end by 1pm,I took a bus went to Melaka Sentral,to bought thursday bus ticket back to Ipoh.Honestly ,after 2 weeks din't back to my hometown.This time I going back,
I din't felt any excited at all.Maybe what some senior said was right.Is quite tiring.Alone in the bus while chatting in the phone with Alex.A long time friend.I am happy that he now fine,and finally he can treat me as friend(I mean just a normal friend),no more than that.This is what I want.Sometime I realized,when a female and male relationship more complicated,it will cause more arguing.

I and My bf arguing.Is kind of normal stuff.I am use to it.But he can't even understand
why I am angry.Even choose to not replied me.That's why I choose to not bring
my phone along.
Last night,While we chatitng,he suddenly said goodnight to a guy.Hmm...is a common thing,i think.But it makes me felt that,he din't even treat me like that before.Or just I just want my bf treat me the one whose are special enough and not towards others.Nowander,
peoples said when a person fall in love,he or she would became very selfish and
self-centered.I admit I am this kind of person.wHo just demand my partner only treat
me as a special one and not others.

*****Recently,I should get rid from him.To avoid more arguement..I hope he is fine and happy.That's what I wished.

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