a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


3rd day holiday

Tvb Drama day....

Today whole day,I din't planned to hang out.I sat in the sofa and watching.
"The princess Arrived".
I watched that part about the princess going to the jail,her husband still
not willing to leave her eventhought it may cause life danger.The princess choose to divorce because she thaught like that can having no more relationship with
her husband,her husband will not be caught into the jail cause of her.

Quite touching that scene.This what call as husband and wife.
They will not leave each other in the important time.

I just received a call,a friend from malacca.She said what should
we buy as present for the girl who gona birthday by 23 of october.
That moment I just kept quiet.I thinking something...something that about myself.
I din't expect
any person to celebrate for me.Because I knew the happiest moment for me was eating with my family at the night every year during my birthday.
My dad will brought me to a restaurant.All the family member will arrived.
I can felt the love ,caring and warmess from the family,it make me felt I am not alone,I still got people care and love.

ALone staying outside,din't expect anyone or stranger
to remember or celebrate for me.but when the moment the friend
asking me what should we gave for the girl birthday,I do felt the pain.
I just kept quiet.
Another girl call me up and asked how is it..I just answered
as you all like.
I have no opinion.

Every of us is a good actor or actress in this world.Smilling does not mean we are happy,just because a smile can answer and represent everything that couldn 't describe inside the heart.
Smile neither happy nor sad.It just emotion,that
lets people around us felt happy and comfortable.

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