a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



Buisness plan presentation!

So so nervous that moment, when I present!My hand nonestop shaking,
but I still managed to finish all.God bless me.
My friend told me when I wear formal,I seem to be slim.But there is no
doubt about this statement,because I din't ever havinG proper food(full of vitamin)
in my lunch or dinner.Everyday just vegetables...

Luckily,I pass it..Thanks to all my group members.For giving cooperation .







Just arrived Malacca,I declared I fall sick again.Freezing,sore throat sign,sneezing.!
Chinese New Year gone coming soon,why is me again?Haixx....=(

1.11am.I had slept for 6 hr on the bed,I felt like having whole body ache plus freezing.

**Don't wana think too much.Switch off my brain please at this moment.




At this moment.I having feeling uncomfortable,want to run away.I scared.When I touched on my own breast.I taught back the moment that guy touched me.Everything was so yak..
I till now can't even forget.Hopping can forget.I very scared.
Alone typing in front the computer.I holding my tears cause my mum beside me.
I can't be like that in front her.I can't let my family knew.But the feeling inside my heart was complicated.Everything seem like I had forgotten.But when sometime I view on the health pages about breast .I will automatically recall back everything.I doesn't hate him just I want to avoid from him.

First time,I having this kind of feeling.As same like let people sex abuse.Even the words he talked to me.Is always the same :"can i touched you? "..I didn't ever replied that guy anymore.He called me up or even sms me.I didn't thought this guy as my friend again.
But the feeling inside my heart.Scared...complicated....when I alone at night I recall back the incident.I hide inside the bed.How I hope that I now in my home.Not because there got my family.Is because I can hug my bear tightly while crying.I always use to thought the world are just like a disneyland.Everybody are not evil as others thought.
I am wrong.Nobody will understand my feeling at this moment.Feeling everything beyond my control (feeling),feeling like I am alone to face it.

***I just want to be a child.A child who will not growing up forever.Everyday being protect by others..



Clinique day's

Today in campus area,clinique company had opened a stand beside PLAZA SISWAZAH.
All the staff and student went to the stall and have a look on the facial product.
Today while having Managerial accounting tuturiol class,before the class end.I had ran to library to find my housemate"Tan Polly" ,together with her to attend the CLINIQUE workshop.
But unexpected was,the PA system have not fixed,so the workshop gona start by
I just grab a packet of sample which included"Cleansing,toner and mouisture".
At the same time,I bought a travel kit pack which is package.Inside having those
whitening product,which cost me RM40...once again,I declared I am bankrup now!

After class end by 1pm,I took a bus went to Melaka Sentral,to bought thursday bus ticket back to Ipoh.Honestly ,after 2 weeks din't back to my hometown.This time I going back,
I din't felt any excited at all.Maybe what some senior said was right.Is quite tiring.Alone in the bus while chatting in the phone with Alex.A long time friend.I am happy that he now fine,and finally he can treat me as friend(I mean just a normal friend),no more than that.This is what I want.Sometime I realized,when a female and male relationship more complicated,it will cause more arguing.

I and My bf arguing.Is kind of normal stuff.I am use to it.But he can't even understand
why I am angry.Even choose to not replied me.That's why I choose to not bring
my phone along.
Last night,While we chatitng,he suddenly said goodnight to a guy.Hmm...is a common thing,i think.But it makes me felt that,he din't even treat me like that before.Or just I just want my bf treat me the one whose are special enough and not towards others.Nowander,
peoples said when a person fall in love,he or she would became very selfish and
self-centered.I admit I am this kind of person.wHo just demand my partner only treat
me as a special one and not others.

*****Recently,I should get rid from him.To avoid more arguement..I hope he is fine and happy.That's what I wished.


21 years old!

21 Years old
After Entering MMU for 6 months,finally came to 2011.I am now 21 years old.
Age getting up year by year,but in term of mentally I din't ever growing up.Or maybe I too independent on somebody.That's my biggest weakness.When I trust somebody,I will 100 Percent rely on that person.Is that a good sign or?Anybody can tell me the answer?

I still remember,when I first enter this UNi,everything seem new to me.Even human.!I know alot of people came from different state and country.For the past 6 months,I use to be with a group of friends.But honestly,i din't talked much at all,maybe is because due to different character or attitude.There was no correct for this question because since when we born out,we can't demand everybody like us.

I din't ever regret,That I choose to leave from this group,since that is something unhappy thing for me.Eventually,I felt a sense of relieved.~!

Reaching 21 years old,I not younger like last time.I knew it.
I not a teenager anymore.I am a adult,a person who need to bear with a lot of burden and responsibilities.I always like to stay inside my own world.I love bears,I thaught this world just like a disneyland.Everything it seem like so beautiful.Or maybe is myself,don't want to accept the truth.

Last week I went to a big company.KPMG.Malaysia 3rd biggest accounting firm.I saw alot of department and employees there.Everybody seem like a proffesional.Am I part of them??
I don't know the answer.How I hope I still a small kid.let others to take of me.

I too rely on my own boyfriend.Maybe we had seperate in a far distance.Everything just can rely on verbal communication.Nothing we can do,except trusting each others.
Nevertherless,We arguing again.Actually, in the first place,I not mean to argue at all.
my purpose is just to discuss.But we fail to do so.Everytime,when I said something,he sure will said I am arguing with him and straight away he off his phone.I use to it with this kind of situation.I had upset and cried for awhile,when I think about I am an adult.I should not be so
emotional cause of a person,there is still alot of things waitng for me.

Conclusion,I realiezed that finding a person to take care of us in term
of physically and mentally was such a difficult stuff.Everything just depend on god.
I just hope I able to find a person who take care me before the judgement days!
haha....No no!That's a wrong concept.In the 21st century,I should think,I able to take care of ownself not depend on others!!!
This what I learned from my housemate.....