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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


Form 6's life

Many peoples were afraid to enter form six,the main reason is because the syllbus was too diffcult.I quite agreed with it,but at this moment I can,t surrender.Since I had chosen the road,I need to hold the responsible.Last week,I went back to my account tution teacher centre.I told about my feeling towards studies,life's and family.From her eyes,I saw sympathy,uncomfortable..but she gave me a conclusion.

"You are actually ran away from what you afraid of,
time will not wait for you,
you should stand up now and face it"..

I just stunt at that moment,I kept on thinking what she had told me..I knew is time to let me face it.I admit,I do ran away from all sort of problems since a long times ago.Until today,I do not felt regret that I had found my tution teacher,although talk alot of bad words infront me..but she are the only one gaving me inspiration..she wake me up!

Since two months ago,I break with my ex..at that moment,I felt like myself beyond my control..I just cried.Finally I can settle by myself now...Atleast I am not as childish as last time.I admit he do love me alot,he done alot of things for me,he sacrifice alot...but I knew it.I can't with this guy together walk for the rest of my life'S.

So..I just decided be single.Atleast I am free of stress and worries.As long now I am always go hanging around,got lots of freedom,I can do what I want...this what I want..although sometime I might felt lonely...but I think I am happy with it..^.^

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