a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


what a exhausted days...

(This is Ah Qiang and me)
Today really exhausted.I had been busy for the whole day,drive here,drive there being with my classmate Ah Qiang.
Firstly we together went to the super kinta Pasar..OMG..that traffic really damn jam!I am going to explode with that traffic,I just nonestop cut the line..

hmm,although I knew As a responsible driver,I should not be act like that..my classmate also just stunned at that moment,although he quite solute with my driving "cut quee"skill,but he said I am not patient enough...
He quite truth..today I with my classmate
(Ah Qiang
)discuss alot of my feeling things.I told what I felt towards somebody
and when we arrived in parkson,we met somebody car..
AH qiang can understand my feeling..haha..
.I really felt happy although we not knew each other very long,but he can
understand me well.

One thing he had told me...
he say:"a guy who just want always hanging with you,but just want
remaining as friend relationship,is because that person dont want have any burden"

At that moment,I just stunned.I knew what he said quite truth.i CANT denied!
By the way,I accompany him bought some present for his girlfriend,help him choose wrapping paper and moreover help him sent to his girlfriend..

hooo...by the end.Ah qiang called me up and said thanks...
although I am tired.But I am quite happy,at least got a friend knew to appreciate..

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