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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


Darling birthday

Dar dar Birthday

Today first of all quite happy cause my dar birthday.but something quite
regreted was,i unable to celebrate with him.But I din't felt
sad,cause I knew this only the begining for both of us.I had baught some
present for him...
Birthday card,handmade star and a wallet.
Although it was not what special present,but from his eyes
,I can sense that at that moment,he does felt
touching for what I had done.

Today I having valleyball class again.Service test..which had allocated 10 percent
for the overall mark.I felt stress at that moment,because I knew
I couldn't make it.I dint have such talent in such sport.
I begun to ran away,but the reality told me that I can't do it.
When it was my turn,I just serve it.I knew myself done badly,even my hand
had became swallon and dark in color and plus some pain.

At night I went to Jusco eat.Little TAIWAN....I had eaten the MA LA RAMEN
plus drink,rm10.90!!!Quite expensive,but nice to eat.
Today quite down with my BQT test, I just scored 14/20.....
I knew I dint really studied that subject.I just rejected and ignore it.
But since

the marks already came out,I cant blame whoelse.
I just remained quiet for the whole day.

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