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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


Exhausted day

Exhausted day

Tonite gona back to Ipoh by 9PM,the main reason was I need to take the wallet (my hubby present)
to melaka and I need to take my original cert to let
the MMU officer approve.They refuse to satisfy it without the ther original cert.
Today I being wake up late by 7.55am,which my lecture will start by 8.00am.I
immediately brush teeth and find Min Li.Luckily she also wake up late.haha...
BQT assigement had some problem.I thaught my friend had key in the accurate value
but there
is some error.Which lead my group gona minus 1 mark.
For the 1st time I as the leader,I din;t manage to get those things done nicely,I need hold the
full responsible.For the previous time,I still felt proud of myself
that I manage to settle all things.But,till now..I had failed,and lead my group
gona deducted one mark.

Is time for some valleyball traning.We went up and down,bringing along a laptop,searching for the officer to get the approved for getting a valleyball.Somemore it was under the hot sun.At the end,
we manage to find the officer,and we manage to get the ball,but we dint play,will
be postpone to next week for extensive training.^^

Finally I in home.My economic accompany me along writting this blog.It was quite cheap
,Which I baught it in ixora apartment food court.It cost me rm2.80

* Over ego people by the end it just a fool.!( That"s me)

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