a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


Roller coaster....

Roller coaster.......
My mood seem to be like a roller coaster,droving up and down.Recently alot of my friends,entering
goverment local university.That moment,none of the volcabulary or english grammar can used to describe my feelimg.Feeling of ashamed to myself.I can't get what I want.My dad used to ask me went into the goverment local university,1st is because he felt the goverment universities having more higher quality compare to the private,2nd is due to money.
My dad use to be proud for his son,my brother,who had graduate from USM as an accoutanT.My dad said my brother was the one in SEN'S family able to enter local university.This is what he said before I entering MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY...
Recently,he told me Multimedia university was a nice university,at least it recongnised by the goverment. this and that....and he add on,nowadays alot of public university compare to last time had changed.Even low CGPA student can get a proffesional course..It shows that there is a problem of quality matter for the University....he just kept on said,he gona sent me to australia for further my CPA...he gona help me set up company...I am a proffesional ladies..I am an accountant.A job that requested high demand from the market.
BUT.....he had barin wash me for 20 years !!!!Asking me to entering goverment University.That's the only way to success ,at least this the message I received since I am a teenager.My aim to goverment University,I din't ever bother any education road show,because I told myself,my aim, my dream was goverment university...
Now my dad told me no different between private and goverment,is different with the tution fees.My dad use to cristise those people entering private university.Now his own daughter the one entering private University.
A degree was a stepping stone in a life..he told me.If is so....why you choose to brain washed me since 20 years ago??!!!!
Now is just difficult for me to accept..depress,stress...now is not due to the tears can giving a solution.Now is due to the matters of mentally strength...

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