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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


2nd day holiday

Holiday Mood

Finally is my turn holiday! After struggling with the exam for 2 week,finally
I back to my home sweet home...I miss my bear,my bed,my blanket.Today
I went to MP with my mum,"MIX GRILL"is my first choice.It combined seafood
with smashed potato and beef,my favourite.Last night I went out with a friend watched a movie.
But at first I thaught to reject,but he had bought the ticket,then no choice.I have to go.But
unexpected things was the movie was quite nice also.After back to home,my best friend sms me,asking
why I asked him out but not asking my boyfriend out.The first time he talked to me like that,I quite shocked.Recently he had changed alot.I wonder what was bothering him?Or will our friendship
will be lasting for the rest of the life..since after together for 5 years,is it this called as the
challange from the god?I always thaught we are prefect best friend.Many people said,
boys and girls could'nt be best friend.But I every time show to them,I did.I did had
a male best friend. Boys and girls doesn't mean must have love feeling just can hang out...

Recently I had a big crushed with my boyfriend.From the day,I sat inside the bus
back from Malacca to Ipoh.I din't expected anything from him.I just sat at there look at the mirror.
I asked myself,is it this what I want in the future?I don't know.Or maybe can thaught as
I know the answer,but I choose not to face it."Caring,jeoulus and attention" from my boyfriend,I din't had it.Sometime he does gave me alot of freedom,I admit.But is it abit over?I even can hang out with guys till midnight,without thinking will he felt jeoulus or not..because in my mind,I knew the answer."He won't".
Sometime I even told him what happened between I and others guys,but it seem no effect
.Maybe he is right,he don't want argue,he want peace.That's why he choose to kept quiet.
But it does more and more making me felt that I am not important..Even I chased by others guy.
he had no response.Or maybe he just take it easy.

I like freedom,but not this kind of freedom....I choose to ran away from him this few days.
I don't know what to say to him.

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