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life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late




IQ PLUS which was an education center that providing special teaching method for young kids or teenager .As a previous teacher for 4months in this company,I have to admit that nowadays kids are totally different compare to our old days.They seem to be more mature in term of sex education,thinking and advance(IT)...but in term of education...nowadays student facing a huge of stress.FOR EXAMPLE

1.Kindergarden student having 4-5homework per day(sllybuss included,calculating,gramar,tatabahasa...etc)

COULD YOU IMAGINE A 6 YEARS OLD KID HAVING HOMEWORK SUCH AS"mengpakah,bilakah,bagaimanakah?or even penjodoh bilangan like "biji,sebuah..

Do you think for a six years old kid,they do understand this kind of thing?I gurantee even a primary student still have not master it.So whatfore pushing our young kids doing they something that they couldn't understand?Or even sometime I saw some parents complain about their childrens end with tears everytime when doing homework!

2.AMC,SAMTET,SRI AMPANG,ST MICHHEAL (1,2)...etc. Some of the school that I listed out,they have been putting in goverment control school.

MEANS:Students who studying in those school ,everytime exam if they get D or fail,they might facing the risk being kick out to other school.INDIRECTLY it is actually making students facing more stress in this young age.

One student(LAI FONG GI) was a amc student,standard 2.I asked her,do you afraid being kick out from school ?She answerd me:"I sure scare,I scare if I leave this school,I have no friends"

Working in IQ plus might was a good experience for me since I 20 years din't even comunicate or having contact with kids.This was the 1st time for me to get close with the kids,exploring what they like,how is their attitude.

Some of student might difficult to handle,they don't listen what you are trying to say,and just do what they thinking is right...but sometime they quite cute.I thk as a teacher or adult ,we should always looks the positive side of the kids.Then you might having more patience when teaching them.

Some of the picture that I had taken between I and them.Altought quite hard to handle kids,but I am happy because at least this was a new challenging for me,and I managed to pass through.Haha..

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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