a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


I am 19 Now!

11 DEC....

10 of dec,Chemistry Paper 1 ..finally I had done.The moment I passed up
my paper,I told myself,I not gona to regret what I had answer.Exam period finally ended..
This few days ,had been happened alot of things.I din't choose to tell anyone,maybe is time for myself learn to be independent..
First of all...

First cases:

One day,I drove my car as usual,speed around 60/km,I think,suddenly
got a indian guy Ran across the road,by that moment,I dint stop car...
I did not think to have a break,or even I continously drove with the same speed.
I adjust my sterring to the left,but that Indian guy tried to avoid,and ran to the
same direction where I shift my sterring.Left and right....By that moment,
I really blank...finally he stood at there,(I think he is too panic),and I sucessed avoid him.
.the moment,I passed by him...I felt scare.I calm down myself...I am not going to drive with this kind of
mood ...my mind just blank,I think about the consequence,if I had failed to avoid him....

All the fresh blood image pop out from my mind....I am scared.A human life..

2nd cases

one the day before my chemistry paper1,I asked my dad a question,if I can't enter U,
how izzit?what should I do?I told him ,I might resit back..but he told me..not to do so..he said is better to work
I very understand my dad,If this time I can't enter the local U ,
he rather want me go and work
and won't spend money let me study collage.By the moment,I am worried.
Who gone help me?In term of financial?Or even mentally consulting
.I can't rely on my dad for my futher studies.I just can really work
hard to work for this few months,atleast I able settle my fees.
Having those huge worries and fear....I planned went out with my friends!
Today I go out with a guy friends,can thaught as my old friend too..nicely presented

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........our Photo still in the process.

gona sleep ..5.16am morning..

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