a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late



I seldom wrote my feeling in my blog,maybe I felt that was not a good idea to let others knew how are u feel towards something currently...
Now already 3.00am in the morning,I just couldn't sleep cause something was bothering me...that's was my chemistry..I sat in my room and look the book,but after 4 hr had gone..I am asking myself:"why you are lost concentration?what happened to you?...I admit I have no intrested towards chemistry...but I knew this the only way I should choose by this moment....

Around 1pm...My phone nonestop rang...."ring,ring,ring"....Jeffrey was calling me.I picked up the call.He asked me:"why are you moody?"As usual I will tell out what I felt,and he just reply:"closed you eyes for half and hour,listen to the music"....this not the first time he told me to do so...everytime exam,he will repeat the same word.I knew it....I will just follow what he tell me...Sometimes I just hope he was my real brother..."Thank god"..maybe it was because I and my own brother relationship was not good..Everyday we quarrel since we are small..

Everytime in the midnight,he will call me up whenever I am unhappy..But I felt really guilty towards him..one day I call him up:"hello,kor,where are you now??"
he answered:"I am eating now,why?you got something unhappy izzit?"
I am shocked by that moment,I just realized something...he told me:"whenever you are unhappy you will find me only"Its truth..I felt so bad.

XXXXX....I hope we are brother sister always..!....


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