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Organ donation

Organ donation?Are your mind now appearing alot of questions
and wondering why I am talking about this topic?

As we know,the number of Malaysian's became a organ donor were
increasing year by year,but when come to comparing to those
western country etc: USA,America,Sdyney....number of organ
donor in Malaysia was actually less more than half of each
of the western country that I had listed out....
Can anybody tell me that what's makes our
Malaysian's ,no matter the senior citiizen or the
young adult having prejudice towards this kind of donatioN?

FIll in the blanks___________________________?

Honestly When this issue came into my parents
discussion,they absolutely reject and disagree with that...

What is Organ Donation??
Organ donation is the gift of ones body parts
after death for the purpose of transplantation.
Transplantation is an operation which involves the
replacement of diseased and defective organs and tissues
with healthy ones from donors.

Common Transplated Organ

Transplanted tissues
1. eyes
4.heart valves

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Many of us think that if we are an organ donor,
then our organs will be taken as soon as we die.
Unfortunately, if your heart is not beating,then the doctors
will not be able to use your organs. You
may still be a bone and tissue donor though. In order for you
to donate organs, your heart and lungs must still be alive in
order to keep your organs alive.

Sometime I just couldn't understand why our human being
always being selfish eventhough when the time come to end of the life,why couldn't we just share our organ and help those patients
who had been waiting for a long time?

Why human being rather bring their organ
along with them inside the coffin??

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Actually,when a person sign up as organ donor,t
hey might having the chance to help out 1-5 patients
who are still sufffering.!!

I am not urge or persuade others to become a organ donor,
but please be mature thinking..as a organ donor we can help alot
of peoples although when we are die.Atleast our organ still alive in
this world!..

You can choose either burry your organ or let its still
continue being alive giving contribution to others.!

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