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The images above of the newly identified H1N1 influenza virus were taken in the CDC Influenza Laboratory.

Recently I had sort throat,running nose and fever..But! please don't BE missunderstand that I am having H1N1~=.=

After a few days,I went to the clinic which currently located opposite the "OLYMPIA COLLAGE".I seeking for some proffesional help from the doctor by that moment...First of all the below was the conversation between me and the doctor

Doctor: Hello.Do you went to any country before?
Me : NO!
Doctor:Do you have any fever ?
Me : I am not sure..
Doctor :Please turn your body and have a deep breath

(the doctor was tried to away from me )

ME <-------------------->DOCTOR

I quite angry by that moment but I could understand why he did so...this was the human natural character...But! I think the doctor should understand well about the H1N1 Symptoms before he act like that...!

The symptoms of the H1N1 Flu virus in people are similar to the symptoms of common seasonal flu. The most common H1N1 symptoms include:

1.Fever particularly a fever of over 100 degrees

2.Sore throat


4.Chills and fatigue

5.Body aches


7.Occasionally, vomiting and diarrhea

*****Malaysian's should having awarness towards this kind of issue! And always if you felt that you are having the above symptoms,please seek for proffesional help imeddiately!.....

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