a life's

life is a long journey for you and me...we mus appreciate people who still around us,beofre too late


Suddenly I drop from the sky...

Today after school,I drove back home and prepare myself to fetch one of my nice friend..(ooi),but unfortunaly she did not saw my message and din't wait for me..
I just wait and wait infront her school until 2.00pm,I knew I should went to her house..within a minute,I drove to her house and sawher..I din't angry at all cause I know is my fault also....

I log on to facebook,suddenly a friend request..You sure can't guess who izzit?! is my ex boyfriend present gf....
haha...it seem this relationship quite complicate hor.?!...

I dint accept her request,I automatically just ignore and block..
(do you think I am actully jeoulus?)

I admit ..I am jeoulus.I unhappy was because we been
together for two years,in two months times,he can actually
another to replace me...once again make more and more lost
confidence towards relationship...

IT seems in this world nothing is gurantee...
or izzit only money gaving us gurantee in life?

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I unhappy and stunt look their primary photo....I couldn't describe my feeling by that moment..I immediately sent a sms to my ex bf.I asked him :"please do me favourite don't let me see you again...

Izzit all the girls in this world is like that?They will unhappy or jeoulus when they saw their ex boyfriend being with others?? Can the god answer me?

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I am actually struggling for this answer...but accidentaly I saw a poem from a blog..

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