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Star Walk 2009!

Star Walk 2009!

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What so special about this year 2009 Star walk?Mainly was because this
might the last time I would be join this event.First of all I had invited my
buddy (00i) together joined the star walk competition,without a
doubt We had paid for the fees cost around RM12.00.

But! We did not expect the organiser had changed the total distance
for the competition or non competition categories...
10KM!.".can anyone help me,please get me out from the competition categories.."I asked myself by that moment..

Early in the morning around 6.20am I already arrived in Stadium Indera Mulia.I am really sleepy and blur by that moment...Gave me a pillow please!

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By the time 7.20am,the competition had started!All the participant just don't bother their safey,crushing with others,trying to run faster than others(Malaysian's safety awarness have not reached a certain level),those senior citizens being pushed by those youngster..
I as one of the adult,I felt ashamed of those youngsters,they did not considerate about those senior citizens inconvinient.

"Human's natural character was being selfish..no matter which categories you being in.Think of others before you do something,because what you do it might hurt mentally or even physically "

By the time 9.00am,I finally had reached the check point..wow!All the place was full of sweating smell,rubbish,food stall,DIGI,LG, and participants..Everybody were just rushing to have some free cold drinks

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.usRed FM Car!

my buddy bought a free popcorn which sponsor by DIGI(I will follow you....^^)

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After Finished,We went into the stadim indera mulia to enjoy the the performance which sponsor by the DIGI COMUNICATION SDN BHD
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Finally..both of us hungry...^^..lunch time!

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Altough we are tired,but I am happy that saw my friends and be with them^^when everybody happy,I will be happy too^^

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