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First time making sushi...

Making sushi....

This the first time I maked sushi for myself and my family's...Those step pretty easy and I just done it within 30 minute.You just need to buy some
1.Calrose Rice
2.Nori Seaweed Sheet
3.Rice Vinegar
Or even you can bought any ingredient to add on..example like "cabbage,carrot,ham,sausage,cucumber,crab stick....(This is your choice!)
you got to soak the rice with water for 30 minutes. Then rinse the rice until dry and pour in clean water.You will not want the rice being too soft or too hard,the amount of water you will add would make a big difference.One cup of rice,you wil need 1 cup of water.
So, once you have the rice cooked, pour it out into a bowl and let it cold down for a while.Add one 3 tablet spoon of rice vinegar and some mayonise.
Firstly, get ready a piece of the sea weed sheet on the bamboo mat. Then wet your sea weed with water and add on some rice and press it flattly.Once you had placed the rice on the sheet of sea weed,you can add on your ingredient,But don''t put too many,it might overload..
Finally you can roll it.....
*GOOD LUCK Everyone..

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