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Restauran Kizuna

Restoran Kizuna
There has been quite an amount of Japanese Restaurant operating around the Medan Ipoh lately and the Kizuna was one of the good one

Restauran Kizuna which is a place where I like to hanging around with my family and friend's.Actually this was recomanded by my own brother since about two years ago..Restauran Kizuna is a Japanese Restauran.
The average price is around (RM17.00-RM30.00),I knew this price was
actually quite expensive compare with those hawker stalls..But!I dare to tell you is ,
it is worth it.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was peace,clean,nice and too cold.The most unique things was their designing.One of the designing was placed full of bamboo stick and light.."Simple and nice"

By the way,I would like to introduce some foods which I had been tried for several times...
First of all will the Sushi set..."Unagi Bento" rm28.90...inside this set of sushi included,"miso soup,Unagi,sashimi,eggs,fried praws,rice,tori teriyaki and dessert...
Tori Teriyaki which is some sort of grill chicken on some special sauce. Taste really good.

If anyone intrested,you can go and have a try,I gurantee it is worth it!

Kizuna Japanese RestaurantNo. 8-10, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel. 05 542 8800 (Reservation) 05 542 8801Fax. 05 542 8802

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